Offers of Admission

Basic Requirements for Admission

Some programs have a minimum required admission average between 74% and 76%; however, many programs require an admission average greater than 76%.

For programs in Science and in Engineering, a combined average of 70% is required in the prerequisite subjects. If you apply to Engineering but lack only one prerequisite credit in mathematics or science, you may be considered for admission depending on your academic average. If you apply to Science but lack only one prerequisite credit in mathematics, you may be considered for admission depending on your academic average. The missing course would then be added to your course load at the university and completed during your first year of studies.

Failed and Repeated Courses

uOttawa uses the highest mark. Therefore, if a course is failed and repeated, uOttawa takes the higher of the 2 marks.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions

Beginning early 2017, the University of Ottawa will issue conditional offers of admission for fall 2017 to highly qualified applicants. The University will continue to issue offers of admission to qualified applicants until the end of May.

Early offers are based on the average of 3U/M marks or a combination of 3U/M and available 4U/M final marks. No early offers are extended for programs with additional requirements such as tests, portfolios, interviews, etc.

All offers of admission are conditional. You must successfully complete a minimum of 6 eligible 4U/M  courses, including prerequisite subjects of the requested program, obtain a specific admission average, and present proof of your Ontario Secondary School Diploma or the equivalent before September.

Details regarding offers of residence and scholarships will be sent with the offer of admission. You must respond before the date indicated in your offer of admission.

Note About Programs

The programs listed on eINFO are entry programs only. The University of Ottawa offers several areas of study within these programs. For a complete list of degree majors and minors, options, specializations and interdisciplinary programs, visit Ottawa's Online Undergraduate Calendars.