University of Toronto - Scarborough

About UTSC

No matter where you want to go, a degree from the University of Toronto will help you get there. UTSC offers undergraduate and graduate students the academic rigour for which the University of Toronto is renowned. Combined with innovative experiential opportunities, a focus on emerging areas of scholarship and a wide range of programming spanning the arts, sciences, and management, UTSC has everything you need to begin achieving - and surpassing - your goals.

Special Characteristics

With over 180 program options offered in 85 areas of study, UTSC is the sole U of T campus to offer paid co-op programs within industries in the arts, science, and business. Co-op enhances university education with real-world work experience that fosters a true partnership between academics and industry. Consequently, our co-op graduates are highly marketable and very much in demand by top employers. We also offer Canada’s only undergraduate Paramedicine degree program, and U of T's only Journalism program.

You will benefit from strong interaction with our faculty members who are excellent undergraduate and graduate teachers, and leading researchers. You can also take an active role in your personal development through a variety of opportunities in student leadership, mentorship, engagement in the greater community and peer service programs.